Valentine Cuties

I love Valentine’s Day. Being that it embraces my favorite color palette it seems to be a holiday I can really get behind. Not that I actually celebrate the holiday – my husband’s birthday falls on that very day- but I love the pomp and circumstance leading up to it.

Why is it that there seem to be so few decorations in the stores surrounding Valentine’s Day? It is the perfect way to get through that lull between Christmas and Easter, when decorating ideas can be reduced to snowflakes.

This year I have been a little disheartened and uninspired with the Valentine’s selection in the stores, but have done my best to try and get a few things up.  A few of my friends have too- and here are some of the results:



IMG_5084 7

IMG_5085 7



IMG_5083 7

IMG_5081 7


None of these ideas took very much time or money, and many of them enlisted the help of children. The candy heart template for the banner above the fireplace can be found here. It actually didn’t take very long and my children cut out the hearts.

Do you have any cute and quick ideas to share? If so send me a picture and I will post it here.

xXx, Suzie


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