Stop Giving Up On Life! 8 Rules for Getting Dressed.

Dressing appropriately has become a lost art. My sister recently passed this article along to me which is hilarious and tragic all at the same time. Recently I have been a lot of places where the dress “code”- or lack thereof, just shocks me. Let’s get it together people! It got me thinking about my own set of rules for getting dressed in the morning:

Getting Dressed 101

1.) When in doubt, cover it up.

2.) It takes just as much time to put on a pair of yoga pants as any other pants.

3.) “I like being comfortable” is a cop out- why don’t you just say “I have given up on life”?

4.) Dress for the position you want, not the position you have.

5.) Good style doesn’t necessarily mean high price- don’t use that as an excuse!

6.) Pajama pants are not pants and should never be worn in public. Ever.

7.) There is a difference between casual and sloppy- learn it.

8.) Most importantly-The best thing you can put on every day is your smile.

Do you have anything to add?  Anything that bugs you or you love? Sound off in the comment section below!

Stay Fabulous, xXx Suzie

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