Valentine Cuties

I love Valentine’s Day. Being that it embraces my favorite color palette it seems to be a holiday I can really get behind. Not that I actually celebrate the holiday – my husband’s birthday falls on that very day- but I love the pomp and circumstance leading up to it. Why is it that there seem to be so few…

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35 Quick Pick-Me-Ups

The premise of this blog is how to look and feel good without spending a lot of time. Sometimes I have a day that is just down in the dumps, so I started brainstorming quick pick me ups that (nearly instantly) make me look or feel better. Some have to do with my outward appearance, some have to do with…

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Removable Wallpaper – Just Do It!

Wallpaper is a polarizing subject- you either love it or hate it. And let’s face it- it can be a pain in the butt.   The glue and the brushes- ugh. Who needs that? Fortunately there are a large number of removable wallpapers that have hit the market, and I wanted to try one out! Recently I renovated my home…

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17 Outdoor Flower Pots for a Fabulous First Impression

Even if you don’t have time have your entire house look showroom ready all the time, your front stoop can give the impression that you do. It is FINALLY starting to warm up enough to get some plants blooming outside. Pots are a great way to make a great first impression- check out some of these ideas that can add…

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What to bring? What to bring? Hostess Gifts!

It seems to be the time of year for a party!  Housewarmings, BBQs (or as we say here in Wisconsin “fryouts”), dinner parties, birthday parties, baptisms, weddings, graduations…the list goes on and on. What to bring the host and hostess?  Some of the best hostess gifts that I have received are things that are not necessarily something I would buy…

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The Dreaded March Door

  Ugh. March is here and I am having the winter blahs. Valentine’s Day is done and to be honest I always struggle with what to put on my front door between now and full-blown Spring. You know, something to make it look like people actually live there (even if it feels like we have been cooped up forever). For…

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Simple Dining Table

I admit it. I have areas in my house that are a complete dumping grounds for mail, kids’ schoolwork, and any other item that doesn’t have an exact place to go at any one moment. But there is one place where I draw the line and that is my dining room table. My house can be falling apart at the…

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