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If men can wear buns why shouldn’t women shave their faces?

One of my biggest fears in life is that I will start growing facial hair and my vision will be so poor that I won’t be able to see it! (See the importance of owning a magnifying makeup mirror here). This very topic came up recently with a girlfriend who confided to me that she shaved her entire face once a week. I was shocked when she told me but you know what- I could totally tell!  And this woman did not have problem facial hair to begin with. The result of her shaving was a very smooth, clean, exfoliated looking face.

My kids quickly chimed in that I definitely needed to do this because they could see hair along my jawline and above my lip. Yikes.

There are many on the market but I purchased the LiliBeth.


It took a little getting used to in order to get the angle right, but after a short while I got the hang of it. The instructions tell you to use it on clean, dry skin. I was a little worried about razor burn but I didn’t have any issues with that. I felt like the razor provided a close shave.

It took a little getting used to in order to get the angle right, but after a short while I got the hang of it. The instructions tell you to use it on clean, dry skin. I was a little worried about razor burn but I didn’t have any issues with that. I felt like the razor provided a close shave.

Here are my before shave and after shave pictures. I had completed a chemical peel two days earlier and you can see some of the flaking in the after picture, but overall I can see a big difference!






So what do you think? Are you ready to jump on the shaving bandwagon? Sound off below.

XxX Suzie


Valentine Cuties

I love Valentine’s Day. Being that it embraces my favorite color palette it seems to be a holiday I can really get behind. Not that I actually celebrate the holiday – my husband’s birthday falls on that very day- but I love the pomp and circumstance leading up to it.

Why is it that there seem to be so few decorations in the stores surrounding Valentine’s Day? It is the perfect way to get through that lull between Christmas and Easter, when decorating ideas can be reduced to snowflakes.

This year I have been a little disheartened and uninspired with the Valentine’s selection in the stores, but have done my best to try and get a few things up.  A few of my friends have too- and here are some of the results:



IMG_5084 7

IMG_5085 7



IMG_5083 7

IMG_5081 7


None of these ideas took very much time or money, and many of them enlisted the help of children. The candy heart template for the banner above the fireplace can be found here. It actually didn’t take very long and my children cut out the hearts.

Do you have any cute and quick ideas to share? If so send me a picture and I will post it here.

xXx, Suzie


15 Nail Polish Colors for the Exceedingly Lazy

I am not a huge fan of putting the time and effort necessary into taking care of my nails for a number of reasons:

1.) Getting gel manicures are nice but who has the time to sit at the salon on a regular basis to keep up with it? After 7 days mine always start to lift near the cuticle forever getting caught in my hair which I cannot stand, to the point that I rip the gel manicure off (I know, not recommended).

2.) IF I HAVE TIME I actually like to polish my own, but unless I get up at 5 a.m. (goodbye folding laundry) or stay up way past my bedtime I simply do not have time during the normal day to sit and wait while my polish dries.

3.) Lately if I do have time to do a thorough job (base coat, 2 coats of polish and a top coat) I have gotten some weird bubbling on my nails. I have looked into why this is and have tried to solve it without success. I am open to some ideas on how to solve this in the comments below!

4.) I play a few instruments that simply do not yield themselves to having long decorative nails. I need to have short nails which are easier to pass off with no polish whatsoever than longer nails might be (No-Time Not-Fancy).


I like to wear bold colors on my nails but only if they are absolutely flawless (read-done by a professional!). Bold colors draw a lot of attention and unless your manicure if absolutely perfect, it is better to avoid those colors.

Here are some nail colors that are perfect for the winter and are able to withstand some wear and chipped tips without making it too obvious that your nails are in need of some attention. A manicurist friend of mine tells me that to prolong the color even longer apply a top coat every other day.



OPI Dulce de Leche



Sally Hansen Making Mauves



Butter- Yummy Mummy



Sally Hansen- Totem-Ly Yours



Sally Hansen- Mauve It!



Sally Hansen- Sandstrom



Burberry- Dusky Mauve



Tom Ford- Black Sugar



Essie- Mochacino



Pixi- Precious Pewter



Christian Dior- State of Gold

Straight Up Glitter

I do wonder if glitter is age appropriate, but I will say that if the rest of my look is subdued I go with it. Glitter polish can hide a multitude of chips for many, many days. It truly is the lazy woman’s dream polish!


Essie- On a Silver Platter



Sally Hansen- Strobe Light


Zoya Bar Swatch

Zoya- Bar Magical Pixie Dust



Sally Hansen- Gem Crush in Big Money

Winter starting to get you down? Try one of these out and let me know in the comments what you think! xXx Suzie

30 Day Challenge – Oil Pulling!


Summer is quickly becoming a memory and sadly so is my tan. 


My teeth may not really be in need of a tune up but the fading tan is making me believe otherwise.

I am a die hard fan of teeth whitening kits. Historically I have used this product every six months with good results. I try to do this twice a year, always directly after a professional cleaning. These are reasonably priced and I don’t find a lot of sensitivity with them:



But since my next checkup is still a few months away I have decided to give the latest trend- oil pulling- a consistent 30-day try. 

Haven’t heard of it? Here is a good overview of oil pulling.

Since I survived my 30-Day Water Challenge I am feeling confident that I can survive the 30-Day Oil Pulling Challenge. 

Stay tuned for my results. Up for the challenge or have already tried it? Contact me or sound off below in the comment section.

xXx Suzie

Stop Giving Up On Life! 8 Rules for Getting Dressed.

Dressing appropriately has become a lost art. My sister recently passed this article along to me which is hilarious and tragic all at the same time. Recently I have been a lot of places where the dress “code”- or lack thereof, just shocks me. Let’s get it together people! It got me thinking about my own set of rules for getting dressed in the morning:

Getting Dressed 101

1.) When in doubt, cover it up.

2.) It takes just as much time to put on a pair of yoga pants as any other pants.

3.) “I like being comfortable” is a cop out- why don’t you just say “I have given up on life”?

4.) Dress for the position you want, not the position you have.

5.) Good style doesn’t necessarily mean high price- don’t use that as an excuse!

6.) Pajama pants are not pants and should never be worn in public. Ever.

7.) There is a difference between casual and sloppy- learn it.

8.) Most importantly-The best thing you can put on every day is your smile.

Do you have anything to add?  Anything that bugs you or you love? Sound off in the comment section below!

Stay Fabulous, xXx Suzie

35 Quick Pick-Me-Ups


The premise of this blog is how to look and feel good without spending a lot of time. Sometimes I have a day that is just down in the dumps, so I started brainstorming quick pick me ups that (nearly instantly) make me look or feel better. Some have to do with my outward appearance, some have to do with my internal state of mind.  I always find that when I feel better on the inside it translates to the outside.

1.) Smile

2.) Make a fun video with a loved one. 

3.) Stand up straight

4.) Pray

5.) Cruise the pharmacy makeup counter

6.) Read your horoscope

7.) Light a candle

8.) Laugh

9.) Enjoy a hot cup of coffee

10.) Style your hair in a different way

11.) Watch YouTube videos to update your makeup

12.) Set out a vase of fresh flowers

13.) Ask someone whose style you admire where they shop or get their hair cut

14.) Eat a healthy snack

15.) Drink water

16.) Write down three things to be grateful for

17.) Pick up 10 pieces of clutter 

18.) Check out Birchbox

19.) Take 5 extra minutes out of the shower to exfoliate/moisturize thoroughly

20.) Listen to a guilty pleasure song- loudly- and dance

21.) Take a brisk short walk

22.) Write someone a personal note and mail it

23.) Go to Bath and Body Works and smell all of the candles and lotion

24.) Go to a movie

25.) Pet a cat or dog

26.) Get a new accent pillow for your sofa

27.) Take a bath

28.) Check out StitchFix

29.) Say “no”

30.) Play a game

31.) Clean your junk drawer

32.) Ignore your phone

33.) Eliminate expectations

34.) Have one of your children brush your hair

35.) Accessorize

Have any more to add? Sound off below.

Stay Fabulous,

xXx Suzie

Removable Wallpaper – Just Do It!

Wallpaper is a polarizing subject- you either love it or hate it. And let’s face it- it can be a pain in the butt.   The glue and the brushes- ugh. Who needs that? Fortunately there are a large number of removable wallpapers that have hit the market, and I wanted to try one out!

Recently I renovated my home office area and decided to try removable wallpaper on one wall.  My girlfriend came over to help me (definitely a two person job). And while we aren’t quite Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory, we have been known to have our share of hysterical mishaps.

Check out our handiwork- not the easiest job since the wall is slanted. This particular pattern was from Chasing Paper.  Cute!


If you are thinking about adding a touch of pep to an area of your house, removable wallpaper might be the answer you are looking for. Here are some places to look for inspiration:

Stephanie+Removable+Wallpaper              s-zee-teal


24930695_085_b                     WP103-Handwriting-01_large


30-755-main_2       swatch-hover-S006303-1


Have you already tried this? If so, sound off below. Better yet send me a picture and I will share it.  Just do it, you know you want to!  

 xXx Suzie

Prepare to be Amazed- 30-Day Water Challenge!

Update 7/29/15

After my initial post issuing the water challenge I had no less than 12 girlfriends take me up on the challenge. Fast forward 30 days and only 2 were able to complete it- because a gallon is a whole lot of water to drink every day!  

An amazing transformation happened with my friend Gena! Most noticeably the bags underneath her eyes are completely gone. Overall her skin looks radiant and hydrated. She estimated her before challenge intake to be around 16-24 ounces/ day. 

BEFORE                                 AFTER

GenaBefore     GenaAfter

My sister was already drinking nearly a gallon of water a day but upped her intake and sent me her after picture only. Here she is!



And finally, here are my before and after pictures- while it doesn’t appear to be that dramatic of a difference, I definitely could tell an improvement in the bags underneath my eyes as well as the fine wrinkles around my eyes that are no longer nearly as pronounced as they used to be. Before I started the challenge I would estimate my daily water intake to be around 40 ounces/ day. 

BEFORE                                AFTER

SuzieBefore   SuzieAfter


If these before and after pictures inspire you in any way to take the water challenge, send me your before and after pictures- I would love to add them to my gallery!

xXx Suzie




We all know that we need to drink more water. The benefits are endless, including helping you to eat fewer calories, flushing out your kidneys and helping balance all of the fluids in your body. But what about helping you look younger?

I remember seeing  this intriguing article a year or two ago on the serious effect that drinking more water can have on your skin. Interested? I know I was. Lines? Gone! Dark circles? Gone! Sunken and sallow skin? Gone!

Who wants to waste hundreds of dollars buying creams and serums that promise the fountain of youth? And who has the time to religiously try these products to see whether or not they are having any effect? Let’s face it people- the clock is ticking and 6 months wasted on a serum that isn’t working isn’t helping anybody. Worse yet who wants to pump their bodies full of fillers and chemicals to get their skin looking twenty years younger?  

According to the European Food Information Council, water content declines in our bodies with age, starting with 75% as infants and decreasing to 60% as adults. In order to maintain a higher percentage of water in our bodies we need to continually replenish the fluids that are being lost by drinking water daily.

So let’s start drinking!

Here’s the Challenge:

Drink 1 gallon of water daily for 30 Days. Take a picture in the morning on Day 1 of your face only without any makeup. After 30 days of drinking a gallon of water a day, snap another picture- again, face only and no makeup. See for yourself if drinking all of that extra water made any difference in the appearance of your face. And if you are really brave, email the pictures to me, along with any changes you noticed, and I will post them here!

N.B. I am not a medical doctor, but there is a condition called hyponatremia, or water intoxication, that occurs when you drink too much water too quickly. It is a very rare condition. For more information on hyponatremia click here.  


The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Last year I was shopping at the Nordstrom Rack when I saw a nifty little info sheet put out by Michael Kors telling you which sunglass style looked good on your face shape. Perhaps my undying love for the man clouded my judgement, but this was one handy little piece of paper that has since been misplaced. (Why did he ever leave Project Runway? Zac Posen just wasn’t the same).

Watch YouTube Video: Best Michael Kors Quotes from Project Runway

In case you are in a quandary over what frames look good on your face, here are some quick tools to get you pointed in the right direction.


First, determine your face shape:


Next, determine what frames look good on you:


Third, Start shopping!


Wishing you lots of sunny days ahead,

Suzie xXx



Super Easy Way to Determine What Colors Look Great on You

“I think this matches your season Pedro”   – Deb, Napoleon Dynamite


I have a girlfriend who likes to point out that not everyone is wearing the right color for their skin tone- whether it be the clothing they are wearing or the makeup on their face. She always brings it back to Color Me Beautiful- the simple systems of questions that leads you to your color season that was huge in the 90s. And you know what? She is right.

But I was thinking that we need to make this even one step simpler- just break yourself into a cool or a warm tone. Do you know which one you are? Try this: Turn your hand over, palm up, and take a look at the underside of your wrist. What color are the veins? If they look blue or purple, you’re cool toned. If they look green or have a yellow cast, you’re warm toned. That’s it. Simple.

Once you know that one simple piece of information you can go forth and wear colors with confidence. Not sure what colors fall under warm or cool? Check these out:


Of course if you are an overachiever and want to take it one step further, knock yourself out.


Because time is precious, don’t waste yours wearing colors that don’t make you look fabulous.

Your Summer Sister,

Suzie xXx