Spring Coats!

“A Good Coat Can Hide A Multitude of Sins.”      – Carole Soeldner

I have uttered these words a hundred times over the years- and you know why? Because it’s true!  I will be forever grateful to my coat collection and my mom for her wisdom.

If you are trying to make a good impression and only have 5 minutes- make sure that you have a cute coat to pull your look together.  Nobody wants to wear a letter jacket with their prom dress!  The inverse theory applies here though- because you can look like absolute and total crap underneath your cute coat and no one will be any the wiser.

Even though the calendar says it is so, the weather is saying something different. I am still going between my down winter coat, a short wool coat, a trench or no coat altogether- all within the same week. Which got me thinking on how much I love my coats…because you can look pulled together with nearly no effort at all.


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Car Coat

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