15 Nail Polish Colors for the Exceedingly Lazy

I am not a huge fan of putting the time and effort necessary into taking care of my nails for a number of reasons:

1.) Getting gel manicures are nice but who has the time to sit at the salon on a regular basis to keep up with it? After 7 days mine always start to lift near the cuticle forever getting caught in my hair which I cannot stand, to the point that I rip the gel manicure off (I know, not recommended).

2.) IF I HAVE TIME I actually like to polish my own, but unless I get up at 5 a.m. (goodbye folding laundry) or stay up way past my bedtime I simply do not have time during the normal day to sit and wait while my polish dries.

3.) Lately if I do have time to do a thorough job (base coat, 2 coats of polish and a top coat) I have gotten some weird bubbling on my nails. I have looked into why this is and have tried to solve it without success. I am open to some ideas on how to solve this in the comments below!

4.) I play a few instruments that simply do not yield themselves to having long decorative nails. I need to have short nails which are easier to pass off with no polish whatsoever than longer nails might be (No-Time Not-Fancy).


I like to wear bold colors on my nails but only if they are absolutely flawless (read-done by a professional!). Bold colors draw a lot of attention and unless your manicure if absolutely perfect, it is better to avoid those colors.

Here are some nail colors that are perfect for the winter and are able to withstand some wear and chipped tips without making it too obvious that your nails are in need of some attention. A manicurist friend of mine tells me that to prolong the color even longer apply a top coat every other day.



OPI Dulce de Leche



Sally Hansen Making Mauves



Butter- Yummy Mummy



Sally Hansen- Totem-Ly Yours



Sally Hansen- Mauve It!



Sally Hansen- Sandstrom



Burberry- Dusky Mauve



Tom Ford- Black Sugar



Essie- Mochacino



Pixi- Precious Pewter



Christian Dior- State of Gold

Straight Up Glitter

I do wonder if glitter is age appropriate, but I will say that if the rest of my look is subdued I go with it. Glitter polish can hide a multitude of chips for many, many days. It truly is the lazy woman’s dream polish!


Essie- On a Silver Platter



Sally Hansen- Strobe Light


Zoya Bar Swatch

Zoya- Bar Magical Pixie Dust



Sally Hansen- Gem Crush in Big Money

Winter starting to get you down? Try one of these out and let me know in the comments what you think! xXx Suzie


  1. And now I see my problem: your idea of thorough and mine are very different. Mine is baby a second coat. No base coat or top coat. Let me know when you figure out a speedier method and a little something for the cuticles. ­čśü­čśť

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