35 Quick Pick-Me-Ups


The premise of this blog is how to look and feel good without spending a lot of time. Sometimes I have a day that is just down in the dumps, so I started brainstorming quick pick me ups that (nearly instantly) make me look or feel better. Some have to do with my outward appearance, some have to do with my internal state of mind.  I always find that when I feel better on the inside it translates to the outside.

1.) Smile

2.) Make a fun video with a loved one. 

3.) Stand up straight

4.) Pray

5.) Cruise the pharmacy makeup counter

6.) Read your horoscope

7.) Light a candle

8.) Laugh

9.) Enjoy a hot cup of coffee

10.) Style your hair in a different way

11.) Watch YouTube videos to update your makeup

12.) Set out a vase of fresh flowers

13.) Ask someone whose style you admire where they shop or get their hair cut

14.) Eat a healthy snack

15.) Drink water

16.) Write down three things to be grateful for

17.) Pick up 10 pieces of clutter 

18.) Check out Birchbox

19.) Take 5 extra minutes out of the shower to exfoliate/moisturize thoroughly

20.) Listen to a guilty pleasure song- loudly- and dance

21.) Take a brisk short walk

22.) Write someone a personal note and mail it

23.) Go to Bath and Body Works and smell all of the candles and lotion

24.) Go to a movie

25.) Pet a cat or dog

26.) Get a new accent pillow for your sofa

27.) Take a bath

28.) Check out StitchFix

29.) Say “no”

30.) Play a game

31.) Clean your junk drawer

32.) Ignore your phone

33.) Eliminate expectations

34.) Have one of your children brush your hair

35.) Accessorize

Have any more to add? Sound off below.

Stay Fabulous,

xXx Suzie

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