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30 Day Challenge – Oil Pulling!


Summer is quickly becoming a memory and sadly so is my tan. 


My teeth may not really be in need of a tune up but the fading tan is making me believe otherwise.

I am a die hard fan of teeth whitening kits. Historically I have used this product every six months with good results. I try to do this twice a year, always directly after a professional cleaning. These are reasonably priced and I don’t find a lot of sensitivity with them:



But since my next checkup is still a few months away I have decided to give the latest trend- oil pulling- a consistent 30-day try. 

Haven’t heard of it? Here is a good overview of oil pulling.

Since I survived my 30-Day Water Challenge I am feeling confident that I can survive the 30-Day Oil Pulling Challenge. 

Stay tuned for my results. Up for the challenge or have already tried it? Contact me or sound off below in the comment section.

xXx Suzie