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Removable Wallpaper – Just Do It!

Wallpaper is a polarizing subject- you either love it or hate it. And let’s face it- it can be a pain in the butt.   The glue and the brushes- ugh. Who needs that? Fortunately there are a large number of removable wallpapers that have hit the market, and I wanted to try one out!

Recently I renovated my home office area and decided to try removable wallpaper on one wall.  My girlfriend came over to help me (definitely a two person job). And while we aren’t quite Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory, we have been known to have our share of hysterical mishaps.

Check out our handiwork- not the easiest job since the wall is slanted. This particular pattern was from Chasing Paper.  Cute!


If you are thinking about adding a touch of pep to an area of your house, removable wallpaper might be the answer you are looking for. Here are some places to look for inspiration:

Stephanie+Removable+Wallpaper              s-zee-teal


24930695_085_b                     WP103-Handwriting-01_large


30-755-main_2       swatch-hover-S006303-1


Have you already tried this? If so, sound off below. Better yet send me a picture and I will share it.  Just do it, you know you want to!  

 xXx Suzie

Prepare to be Amazed- 30-Day Water Challenge!

Update 7/29/15

After my initial post issuing the water challenge I had no less than 12 girlfriends take me up on the challenge. Fast forward 30 days and only 2 were able to complete it- because a gallon is a whole lot of water to drink every day!  

An amazing transformation happened with my friend Gena! Most noticeably the bags underneath her eyes are completely gone. Overall her skin looks radiant and hydrated. She estimated her before challenge intake to be around 16-24 ounces/ day. 

BEFORE                                 AFTER

GenaBefore     GenaAfter

My sister was already drinking nearly a gallon of water a day but upped her intake and sent me her after picture only. Here she is!



And finally, here are my before and after pictures- while it doesn’t appear to be that dramatic of a difference, I definitely could tell an improvement in the bags underneath my eyes as well as the fine wrinkles around my eyes that are no longer nearly as pronounced as they used to be. Before I started the challenge I would estimate my daily water intake to be around 40 ounces/ day. 

BEFORE                                AFTER

SuzieBefore   SuzieAfter


If these before and after pictures inspire you in any way to take the water challenge, send me your before and after pictures- I would love to add them to my gallery!

xXx Suzie




We all know that we need to drink more water. The benefits are endless, including helping you to eat fewer calories, flushing out your kidneys and helping balance all of the fluids in your body. But what about helping you look younger?

I remember seeing  this intriguing article a year or two ago on the serious effect that drinking more water can have on your skin. Interested? I know I was. Lines? Gone! Dark circles? Gone! Sunken and sallow skin? Gone!

Who wants to waste hundreds of dollars buying creams and serums that promise the fountain of youth? And who has the time to religiously try these products to see whether or not they are having any effect? Let’s face it people- the clock is ticking and 6 months wasted on a serum that isn’t working isn’t helping anybody. Worse yet who wants to pump their bodies full of fillers and chemicals to get their skin looking twenty years younger?  

According to the European Food Information Council, water content declines in our bodies with age, starting with 75% as infants and decreasing to 60% as adults. In order to maintain a higher percentage of water in our bodies we need to continually replenish the fluids that are being lost by drinking water daily.

So let’s start drinking!

Here’s the Challenge:

Drink 1 gallon of water daily for 30 Days. Take a picture in the morning on Day 1 of your face only without any makeup. After 30 days of drinking a gallon of water a day, snap another picture- again, face only and no makeup. See for yourself if drinking all of that extra water made any difference in the appearance of your face. And if you are really brave, email the pictures to me, along with any changes you noticed, and I will post them here!

N.B. I am not a medical doctor, but there is a condition called hyponatremia, or water intoxication, that occurs when you drink too much water too quickly. It is a very rare condition. For more information on hyponatremia click here.  


The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Last year I was shopping at the Nordstrom Rack when I saw a nifty little info sheet put out by Michael Kors telling you which sunglass style looked good on your face shape. Perhaps my undying love for the man clouded my judgement, but this was one handy little piece of paper that has since been misplaced. (Why did he ever leave Project Runway? Zac Posen just wasn’t the same).

Watch YouTube Video: Best Michael Kors Quotes from Project Runway

In case you are in a quandary over what frames look good on your face, here are some quick tools to get you pointed in the right direction.


First, determine your face shape:


Next, determine what frames look good on you:


Third, Start shopping!


Wishing you lots of sunny days ahead,

Suzie xXx