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Simple Dining Table

I admit it. I have areas in my house that are a complete dumping grounds for mail, kids’ schoolwork, and any other item that doesn’t have an exact place to go at any one moment. But there is one place where I draw the line and that is my dining room table.

My house can be falling apart at the seams- juice spilled on the kitchen floor, baskets of unfolded laundry all over the family room, screaming kids (wait, just kidding… ok...maybe not), homework spread all over the place and general chaos. But when someone rings the door I always want my dining room table to look nice. Why? Because in our house that is the first room that people see when they walk in the door.

A simply decorated dining room table can go a long way to making your house look pulled together. The key is to have something that requires minimal effort that can be relevant in any season. A neutral table runner complete paired with a non-perishable centerpiece are the perfect way to make your dining room table look pulled together without a lot of effort. Plus, it is easy enough to swap out a single element to change with the seasons. Take a simple glass or wicker bowl and fill it with sparkly ornaments at Christmas (add a string of battery operated lights for an extra special touch) or pine cones in the fall. Another option is to use a tray and put some candles on it.

Remember- K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sassy!)

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Centerpiece bowls and platters:




The Everyday Necklace











One thing I have noticed about women who look pulled together on a consistent basis is that many of them wear what I call an “everyday” necklace. Whether they are heading to the gym, running errands or meeting with clients a simple yet classic everyday necklace can do a lot of legwork- and give you a jumpstart on looking like you actually give a hoot.



Here are some ideas to get you started:


Makeup Mirror

MirrorI have fond memories as a little girl watching my mother getting ready for an evening out as she put her makeup on in front of this mirror.

She may have been going to the disco. Or bowling. Perhaps the Avon lady just visited. The point is my sister and I loved to play with the dials between Day/Office/Evening/Home and watch the lights change different colors on the Miss Clairol True to Light makeup mirror. It was so glamorous, so mysterious, so fun!

I moved out. For many years I grew accustomed to sitting on a sink and sticking my face 2 inches from the bathroom mirror to put on my makeup. Finally one day while staying in a hotel I noticed a very handy mirror with an extension arm. Unlike the Clairol love of my youth, this one did not switch colors. However, it DID flip to a magnifying side. I felt like for the first time in my life I could really see my face. 

If you don’t have one you need one. Trust me. You can thank me later. After all, if you only have 5 minutes don’t you at least want to make sure that your eyeliner is where it is supposed to be?